Based on true events. Trudemption brings both teens and young adults a story of a lifetime. The complex writing helps you see beyond the lines and helps capture the desolate and desperate feeling of today's youth. 

Alex, a seventeen year old boy finds himself trapped between his life and what he wants. Defining the very values of life through intense narration, he digs into his new life of crime in the town with no name. In one night his life is changed by being the only one that witnesses a shooting at a friend’s party. Becoming friends with people he had only heard about, he does things he wouldn’t normally do. He loses the love of his life and now feels like he has nothing to lose anymore and becomes cold with regret. Now he has money, now he has respect and now he has a whole new list of problems.
Trudemption starts at the ending, backtracking to the very beginning explaining in visual detail how in the past seven months he and his friends got themselves into this mess. They’re hurt, covered in blood, running down the rusted unused train tracks all night. Distant and faded gunshots echo in their minds, with a building burnt to the ground all set up by a man they used to trust. The already-dying town is on its last legs, and everything comes to an end. 

“My name is Alex, and in one year, I am going to die.”